Born in São Paulo on July 18, 1976, family musical heritage, Marcelo had his first contact with a musical instrument at 10 years old when he began to play the guitar with his father at home.

In elementary school he participated in several artistic and sports activities. Later, he became part of L.A.A. (Artistic Activities Laboratory) which actually began his detailed studies of guitar with Olília Martins teacher.

In the laboratory, he was part of the choir as a musician in various musicals, including the Mummers spectacle and some adaptations of Broadway.

At age 12 he won his first guitar from his parents, but didn’t dedicate to the instrument, because he was involved in sports activities of school, handball team, where he stayed until the end of his course. During this period, Marcelo also became interested in basketball, when he played for several clubs in the city.

Later, at 14, his interest for music resurfaces. Through an activity of Nichiren Buddhism, Marcelo and some colleagues made an acoustic number at a meeting of lecture where he rescued all his enthusiasm for art. Months later, the same activity was repeated, but now with equipment of a real band!

On this occasion he discovered his father's instrument, the bass. After this episode, Marcelo didn’t stop with music. Even at 14, he taught guitar and invested his money in equipment, always with his father's encouragement.

At age 16 he had his band, where he worked in pubs with pop rock repertoire. Later, he began acting as Sideman of various artists of different styles of MPB.

At 18, after the military service, he went on tour in Mato Grosso do Sul with country music singers. This experience was very significant in his career, due to the seriousness of the work. At that time, he shared the stage with very experienced people (life and musically). When he returned to São Paulo, resumed its activities in nightclubs and also began recording in studios.

Recording with several arrangers, Marcelo also became interested in arrangements. Studying with Pollaco and Mozart Mello, he deepened in harmony and improvisation.

Interested in keyboard and percussion instruments, he began his career as an arranger. Producing several albums of independent artists, Marcelo began to exercise basic arrangements for strings, for horns and voices.

He worked a little period on TV where he worked as sideman of numerous artists, including Fafa Belém, Wanderley Cardoso, Ovelha, Paulo Ricardo, Jair Rodrigues, Emilinha Borba, Altemar Dutra Jr., Agnaldo Timoteo, Tinoco, Almir Rogério and many others . During this period, he decided to make an orchestration course with Maestro Paulo Maron.

After this phase, still in the studio, he entered the field of advertising as instrumentalist and arranger, and even today performs several recordings in various styles.

With all experience in dance bands, accompanying artists, studio recordings, live recordings, festivals and musical productions with various sonorities, Marcelo found himself prepared to write the songs for his first CD, entitled "Som do Universo", where he gathered sounds of New Age with progressive and orchestral elements. His own work was undoubtedly his greatest professional achievement.