Professional musician since 1991 performing work with great names of MPB as Cristina Monteiro, Willie de Oliveira, Ataide and Alexandre, Benito di Paula, Adalberto and Adriano, Roberto Leal, Ralf, Afonso Nigro, Roberto Justus among others.

He has performed on TV stations as "Globo", "TV Record", "SBT", "TV Cultura", "Rede TV", "TV Bandeirantes", "Rede Gazeta", "Rede Vida", among others.

He participated with the co-production of the soundtracks of Tele-Ton program, broadcast by SBT in 1998.

Also participated in the recordings of soundtracks program "Belissima Brasil" held by SBT.

He recorded soundtracks of soap opera "Estrela de Fogo", of Rede Record.

He participated in recordings for the soap opera "Pequena Travessa", of SBT.

He also recorded the film soundtracks "Entre Lençois" with Reinaldo Gianecchini and Paola de Oliveira.

He produced and created jingles for advertising products as "Calma Toss"of laboratory "Herbarium", Banco Cacique, Beer Crystal, Nobel Library, and also of furniture stores "Marabraz", and many others.

Also in the advertising area, he has been participating of jingle recordings as a musician and chorister. He has recorded: Interclínicas, Prestobarba, Hering, Duracell, Horse Fly, Ortobom, Gyotoko, Beer Crystal, Sonda Supermarkets, Mucofan, Blue Life, Suvinil, Royal Bank Itaipava Beer, CVC, Targifor C, Cacique Bank, and many others.

He joined in the support band of the "Fala Dercy" show in SBT accompanying artists like Fafa Belém, Emilinha Borba, Jair Rodrigues and others.

He has also accompanied musicians and artists such as Paulo Ricardo, Kiko Zambianchi, Family Lima, Hebe Camargo, Agnaldo Rayol, Marina Elali, Kid Vinyl, Gian and Giovani, Luiza Possi, Claudia Leitte and others.

Participated in the band program of the "Roberto Leal" at Rede Vida.

Arranged and produced artists albums like "Fred & Fabio", "Rey & Rony", "Banda Kruzeiro do Sul", "Aran", "Tinoco," "Johnny Herbert", among others.

Taught in schools: Cia Scalla, Musical Conservatory Beethoven, Harmony Music School, Brazilian Academy of Musical Education, Arts Fort, Villa of Arts, Guarulhos City Hall, among others.

He was a member of the band "T.N.T. Band Show "and also part of the" Gato Urbano Trio "of instrumental music.

He was member of the band "Rock Time" performing works of the 70s and 80s.
Played with Simbas and Cia. He joined as an arranger, musical director and guitarist of "Big Band Reveillon".

Arranger and guitarist of "Band California."

As an instrumentalist, plays electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, cavaquinho and some percussion instruments.

He studied guitar with Olília Martins. He studied harmony and improvisation with guitarists "Pollaco" and "Mozart Mello."

Also took orchestration lessons with maestro Paul Maron.

Historic moment in his career: Marcelo and his companions of the BSGI, had the honor to play with one of the biggest names in world music: Herbie Hancock, winner of 13 Grammy awards, when he also attended a humanistic lecture.

In 2012 he released his first CD of new age "Som do Universo" released by the Italian label Eye Records.

Currently occupies his time also in classes, concerts, recordings, productions and arrangements.

Released his second instrumental CD titled "Change Your Life" featuring Simon Phillips on the drums and Jeff Babko on the keyboards, available on iTunes (https://itun.es/br/Usn5_) and CD Baby (http://bit.ly/1TNqrmO).